well the fact is that most of us would like to get one but unfortunately we normally don't know if we are due one. Let us help you find out whether you are entitled to a Tax rebate or not. We don't charge you to find out, if there is nothing due we will just simply let you know and you don't have to pay us anything. However if you do have a tax rebate due then we charge a fixed fee and get it back for you.

Are you after a Tax rebate?

London:            020 7078 7688,

Manchester:     0161 870 6680
Birmingham:     0121 270 6492

We can help you get a tax rebate if

  • You were employed and incurred allowable expenses

  • You were employed and left your employment before 5th April 

  • You were Working in Construction Industry

  • You got a pension

  • You bought a life annuity 

  • Even if above points don't apply to you. You might still be due for a Ta Rebate. The assessment is totally free. Let us help you.